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York University’s Glendon Campus recently worked with Odyssey3D to create a 3D Virtual Tour of their campus. As a result, you can now tour their campus from the comfort of your own own home by clicking here.

3D Virtual Tours have truly made the “virtually impossible,” possible. For this reason, Marco A. Fiola, the Principal at the Glendon Campus, states that “3D Virtual tours are no longer a ‘nice to have’ but an absolute ‘must have’ for all institutions.” 


3D Virtual Tours

3D Virtual Tours create an immersive walkthrough of a space. Uniquely allowing visitors to self navigate from anywhere in the world 24/7. Whether it’s from a computer, smartphone, or even a VR headset. There are powerful features within the 3D Virtual Tour. Features such as the Dollhouse View and the embed tool(Mattertags) help to emphasize a realistic experience.

3D Tour Instructions image

York University’s Glendon Campus and Odyssey3D

Eric Mézin is the Directeur Principal and Executive Director at York University’s Glendon Campus. He reached out to Odyssey3D in December 2021, “looking for an opportunity to create something special and to create something more unique” than the traditional virtual tours that existed already. Therefore, capturing stunning aerial views of the beautiful campus in addition to the 3D Virtual Tour. The aerial views were embedded into the 3D Virtual Tour using the embed feature.

Showcase aerial embed feature

The embed feature allowed Glendon to add easter eggs all over the 3D Virtual Tour. Furthermore, the embed feature helped to provide valuable information. This really helps to assist anyone navigating the tour. Making the tour both immersive and interactive. In other words, creating a similar experience to what one would expect when physically visiting a campus.

Mattertag Embed Example
Mattertag Embed Info Example

As can be seen, The Glendon Campus now provides “a new and exciting way to explore a historical setting.” In fact, Principal Marco A. Fiola, says the 3D Virtual Tour “combines a timeless post-secondary education that prepares students with the skills of the 21st century”.

Thanks to Odyssey3D’s work, this campus is now placing their visitors in the driver’s seat. Allowing visitors to easily hop from one corner of the campus to another while gliding seamlessly through the buildings and classrooms, without being there physically. The university will continue to attract prospective students from anywhere with a 3D virtual tour of the campus 24/7.