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Twilight and Night Photography

Make your listings magical and dreamy!


With twilight and Night photography you can instantly capture a buyer’s attention and get more eyes on your listing.

Twilight photography is guaranteed to draw in more buyers with the incredible colours. The eye-catching orange and pink hues in the sky will make potential buyers fall in love with your listing! Twilight photos are taken at dusk also known as the “golden hour” in photography. 

Night photography is a little different because it’s later than Twilight photography. These photos are taken right after the sun has set. This is a period when the sky still has a blue glow. Capturing photos at this time will give your property cinematic feel.

Both photography options will give your listing that extra level of sparkle. It will elevate the home from ordinary to extraordinary.

The best part? You can also level up your listing with virtual twilight. This means we can transform a regular day exterior photo into a dreamy, magical photo!

Twilight Photography

Night or Twilight photography is a great option for homes with unique outdoor features like pools, exterior lighting, fire pits and great sunset views. Night and Twilight photography tends to be associated more with luxury properties.

However, any home will benefit from the glamour that Night or Twilight photography adds to your listing!

Night Photography

Virtual Twilight

If you have a regular photo that was captured during the day but still wish to add on twilight – no problem! Order Virtual Twilight. This doesn’t require the photographer to come back at dusk making this a great and cost effective service.

For as low as $10 per photo, you can make your listing premium with our virtual twilight service!


Learn more about our Twilight Photography service!

What is Real Estate Twilight Photography?

Real Estate Twilight photography is specifically taken at dusk (also referred to as golden hour). This is that time of the evening when the sky becomes extraordinary with its changing colours that almost look like paint brush strokes.

How Does Twilight Photography Work?

For best results, twilight photo shoots are scheduled 15 minutes before the sunsets. This is approximately 5:00 p.m. in the winter months and 8:00 p.m. in summer months.

How Does Night Photography Work?

Night photography is similar to Twilight photography, except it’s taken a little bit later. Night photography is taken after the sun has set and the sky is much darker instead of having the colourful hues that Twilight photography has.

What are the Benefits of Night or Twilight Photography?

Twilight Photography is the best way to make your listing stand out. Having the first image on your listing set to be one of the exterior twilight images will be sure to grab everyone’s attention. While grabbing everyone’s attention, the twilight images will also evoke a dreamy feel to the potential buyers who landed on your listing.

Twilight photography take an ordinary listing and make it extraordinary because it showcases a fresh new perspective that is colourful and striking. Most buyers don’t get to visit the home during this time, so offering them this alternative perspective could help with their decision.

You can attract more sellers with twilight photography. Sellers want to know that whoever they hire will invest in the necessary marketing tools to help their home stand out and sell for more. Real Estate Exterior twilight photos will do exactly that!

The Importance of Showcasing Your Property at Dusk

The striking balance between the twilight sky and property lighting is enough to grab buyers attention. Our eyes are drawn to colour and that’s exactly what an exterior twilight photo will do – draw in more buyers! 

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