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To quickly sell your property, it must be priced correctly, be marketed well, and show well. However, selling your house is tedious, regardless if you’re selling it on seller’s or buyer’s market. There’s also the stringent competition which makes the selling process difficult. Hence, you need to hit the ground running, and sell your property before the listing becomes stale.

In Canada, the number of sold houses in 2017 reached 517, 018. In other countries like Australia, new home sales peaked in July 2017, with a record of 6,678 new home sales. With the number of house sales rising, it might be a good idea to sell your house too.

There are two ways of selling your house; sell it by yourself or look for a real estate agent to handle the entire process. Whichever you prefer, you need to find ways to make your house-selling a profitable financial venture. As such, there are tried-and-tested ways you can execute.

Renovate your house together with experts

If you think that the current state of your house won’t generate a substantial profit, consider renovating some parts of your home. If you’re doing major renovations, it’s best to consult expert designers’ tips in home improvements or with local designers in your city. Experts can help you achieve the changes you want to do.

If you’ve done a thorough house inspection, discuss with your designer about the areas in your house which need immediate attention. If you haven’t, it’s best to do it with your designer so both of you can see the problems and you can discuss possible solutions. An inspector can also be useful during this time because you might overlook some areas in the house.

Focus on the kitchen 

 The kitchen is one of the most renovated rooms in the house, aside from the master bathroom. Most buyers tend to give the kitchen more consideration compared to the other places in the house.

If you don’t want to go broke over a kitchen renovation, go for a sophisticated yet simple design. Be specific on the changes you want, and ask for your designer’s advice in choosing inexpensive but quality materials. Place your cabinets strategically, and install quality countertops like quartz or marble. Invest in good flooring options too.

Opt for solar energy and energy-efficient appliances

It’s nice to see beautiful fixtures and devices inside your home as they can catch the attention of the potential buyers. However, make sure it’s energy-efficient as well so the future homeowners can save on their utility bills. You can also add solar panels to your home to save energy.

Improve the house exterior

If your house isn’t appealing from the exterior aspect, buyers would probably get discouraged from buying your home. It’s not necessary to change your entire lawn because a bit of maintenance can do wonders for your front yard.

Landscaping is one of the investments which you should prioritize because it brings in one of the most significant returns. If the trees and bushes on your yard are overgrown, you need to trim them because they can block the view to your home. Also, make sure to observe proper maintenance so it will be an improvement and not a liability for your house.

Keep it simple

It’s your house, so you have the final say when it comes to your home decor. However, simple might be better if you’re trying to sell it fast. Buyers might not want the burden of maintaining elegant furniture and fixtures. Some buyers prefer a comfortable home, and having over-the-top decor might discourage them from buying your house.

Focus more on making your house more livable than its present condition. Invest in hardwood floors for your home, and replace your roof if possible. Make sure the bathroom is also in good condition, complete with a comfortable toilet and a walk-in shower.

Boost house sale with these tips

Selling a property is never a walk-in-the-park. It takes time, preparation, maintenance, and even the right timing to pitch a sale. Fortunately, you can use these methods to sell your property at your desired price – or even, above your asking price.



Lisa Jones, Guest Author for Odyssey3D Inc.