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If you’ve ever gone through a home improvement project, you know that finding the right professional for the job is tough.


Traditional methods make the process long and tedious.


You can expect multiple in-home meetings, and endless back and forth before you get a proposal for your project.


For a long time, in-person and at-home meetings have been the industry standard for finding a home improvement specialist…


because it was the only way to show someone the space you want to renovate.

but then came
3D Virtual Tours.


By using an Odyssey3D Virtual Tour, home improvement professionals can
step into your space without having to be there physically



and our friends at RenoTag are using this technology to help homeowners better connect with local pros for their projects.



Introducing RenoTag


RenoTag is a home improvement marketplace that connects homeowners to local pros


and it is changing the renovation process for homeowners just like you.


Here’s how it works:


RenoTag lets homeowners like you add your project to the marketplace and invite pros to submit proposals.


In order to get the best quotes from RenoTag pros,  we highly recommend capturing your project with a Matterport 3D Virtual Tour.


This eliminates the need for RenoTag pros to visit your property prior to giving you a quote.


Instead, it allows them to quote you based on what they see in the Matterport 3D Virtual Tour and your scope of work!



This has been proven to get you the best quotes from pros!


This allows you to get proposals to pick the best pro for your project, all through your computer!


We at Odyssey3D make it super easy to create a Matterport 3D Virtual tour of your space in under 24 hours.


Their 3-step process is simple:


1. Schedule Your 3D Virtual Tour



The first step is to book a 3D Virtual Tour with Odyssey3D.


We are ranked #1 in Toronto based on Matterport 3D Virtual Tour volume and #3 in Canada.


We have a 5 Star rating on Google so you can be well assured you are in good hands.


You can schedule your 3D Virtual Tour by clicking here!

Remember to use the special discount code below for your $50 OFF of your order with us: RENOTAG



Once you schedule your time, we will reach out to you and confirm the appointment. 



2. Scanning Your Space


The scanning process should take under 1 hour for every 2000 sq. feet of space. 


Make sure the property is ready to be scanned since no furniture can move during the scanning process.


Note: We also recommend not being on the same floor as the technician since it could distort the 3D imaging if you showed up in the scans.



3. Share Your 3D Virtual Tour


After the technician has completed the scan, it will take 24 hours for your Matterport 3D Virtual Tour link to go live.

Once your Matterport 3D Virtual Tour is live, you can add the link to your project on RenoTag.

Using the link, RenoTag Pros can walk through your project as if they were there in-person.

They can also measure anything in your space, including cabinets and floors, and have a detailed floor plan right from the link.

This completely eliminates the need for them to visit your property in person, and helps you get more quotes for your project!

Now you’re probably thinking: 

Dave, this is really cool. Tell me more about RenoTag!

So I’ve gone ahead and share the 6 Top Benefits of RenoTag below.



The 6 Benefits of RenoTag



1. Save Your Time and Effort



By using RenoTag, you no longer have to go searching for the right contractor…

They have the best local pros using this platform every day to connect with homeowners like you.

And the best part is that every pro gets the exact same information…

I loath at the countless emails, text messages, and phone calls that I would’ve spared.

That means by posting my kitchen renovation, I could’ve saved that entire month of searching for contractors.


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2. Pros are Verified By Homeowners




Every local pro has a badge beside their title that shows if they’ve been verified by other homeowners in the marketplace (check the picture below).

To get verified by homeowners, the pro has to invite past client’s to leave a review on their profile.This Toronto Pro has both RenoTag Certification and Owner Verification.



3. Pros are Certified By RenoTag




RenoTag checks to see if the contractor’s information is accurate in the marketplace.

They also verify whether or not they have valid insurance, documents, licenses, and other details that are super important.

That’s like getting someone else to run some due-diligence on the contractor, BEFORE you speak with them.


4. Proposals Without the Meeting




I think this value proposition is special.

Since RenoTag lets you outline your square footage in the project, pros can submit proposals without that awkward in-home meeting.

Most of the time, renovations work doesn’t need an in-home visit…

For example, the calculation for flooring costs is: Square Feet * Material Cost + Labour.

That saves both you and the pro a ton of time and effort before the meeting!


5. Connect with In-App Messaging



I remember having to make those endless calls back-and-forth with pros for my previous renovation projects…

and the emails…

and the texts…

It was a nightmare!

RenoTag lets you connect with the pro directly in the marketplace with project messaging.

Everything is one place, so you never miss a call, email or text.


6. It’s 100% Free for Homeowners


This is my favourite benefit.

I hate having to spend extra money when I don’t need to…

That’s what makes using RenoTag for my next project a HUGE WIN.


Let’s Recap



The 6 MAJOR benefits of using RenoTag for your next home improvement:

  • Save Your Time and Effort
  • Pros are Verified by Homeowners
  • Pros are Certified by RenoTag
  • Proposals Without the Meeting
  • Connect with In-App Messaging
  • It’s 100% Free for Homeowners

Now you see why I’m SUPER EXCITED to use the world’s first home improvement marketplace.


If you’re like me and want to take advantage of these value propositions, you can get started and post your home improvement project to RenoTag below:


Ready to Start Your Renovation?

Post your project to RenoTag for FREE to get started! 

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