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Buying and selling a home is one of the biggest – if not, the biggest financial transaction that you will make in your life. A huge factor to take into consideration is the realtor who will represent you in this transaction. You will want someone capable who will act in your best interest, an expert negotiator who provides attention and care. Here, we will explore one aspect to take into account in your decision: should you choose a realtor team or an individual agent?

Realtor Team

The real estate business is complex because it involves many working parts. Realtors juggle numerous responsibilities including administrative duties, marketing and lead generation.

A team’s competitive advantage is their manpower. They can work more efficiently, surpassing the abilities of any one individual. In general, members of a team also have strengths and weaknesses which can complement one another.

With a realtor team, you will have access to multiple agents, where each individual is an expert within one area. They can provide a greater depth of experience, more resources and a variety of perspectives.

A team can also leverage their networks, reaching a wider audience of potential buyers. In real estate, social media is a powerful tool used for marketing. By combining multiple networks, one’s business can reach far and wide. Through this, you can gain more potential business to get your home sold!

Individual Agent

Relationship building is critical in real estate. You definitely want someone you can trust, since this is the biggest financial transaction of your life.

The main benefit of working with an individual agent is the level of service and attention that they can give to you. Generally, many first-time homebuyers are interested in working with one agent.

However, efficiency is a challenge with individual agents. One person cannot match the manpower of a team of people. It is rare that one individual will be talented in all areas of the business.

One solution for this is hiring an assistant. This person is responsible for administrative duties and other tasks that will free up the agent’s time.

Realtor Team or Individual Agent: The Choice is Yours

Now that you have better understanding of your options, hopefully you know whether a realtor team or an individual agent best meets your needs. With the right choice, you’re on your way to success with selling or buying a home!



Renata Harton, Growth Catalyst Intern, Odyssey3D Inc.