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Real Estate Photography

Helping buyers fall in love with your property, one photo at a time.
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High Dynamic Range (HDR) real estate photos are created by combining  varying light exposures and taking the best parts of each one to create the perfect interior photo.

Here at Odyssey3D, our team of Highly Trained Professional Photographers capture unlimited HDR photos of every listing’s virtual tour.

Our photos make your listing stand out on Realtor.ca, allowing you to get more offers on your listing! We truly understand the importance of excellent real estate virtual tours and we ensure consistent results every-time!


Most Home Buyers Demand Virtual Tours.

A stunning exterior photograph acts as the first impression to your property. This first impression of your property determines whether the client buys it or not. 

Every photo thereafter builds on this first impression to a point where a buyer decides to dive deeper or move to the next property. Our goal is to help buyers fall in love with your property right from the photos.

They say, a picture speaks a thousand words. A well portrayed photo provides compelling selling points to the clients and it allows you to connect with and invoke a delightful feeling for buyers. The right pictures will only enhance that connection.


Real Estate Exterior Photo
Real Estate Exterior Photo
Real Estate Listing Interior Photo
Real Estate Listing Interior Photo
Real Estate Listing Interior Photo
Real Estate Listing Interior Photo
Real Estate Listing Interior Photo
Real Estate Interior Photo
Real Estate Interior Photo
Real Estate Exterior Photo

Engage More Home Buyers

Our virtual tours will make your listing stand out on Realtor.ca and MLS, allowing you to get more offers on your listing! We truly understand the importance of excellent real estate virtual tours and we ensure consistent results every-time!

Real Estate Listing Interior Photo

Walk-Through Properties on Mobile

Allow prospective buyers to walk right through your listing right from their mobile devices. Send prospective buyers a link to the virtual tour to make it easy to take an online showing. 

Perfect for social media sharing on Facebook and Instagram as well! 

Get it Sold or Leased Faster

Our photos and virtual tours give your property the ability to be marketed 24/7 online. We consistently get great feedback from our past clients about how our work helped them sell/lease their property quicker. We have also have had clients who sold their listing by only relying on the property’s virtual tour.

Real Estate Exterior Photo

Real Estate Photography FAQ

Learn more about Real Estate Photography!
What Is Real Estate Photography?

Real estate photography is when a professional photographer takes photos of a property that is for sale.

It is the real estate photographer’s job to take favourable and wide angles of the property that help to showcase the property in its best light.

The difference between regular photography and real estate photography is that the angles are wide. Professional real estate photographers use a specifc type of camera lens. Typically for real estate photography, the photographer will use a wide camera lens. This type of lens will allow the photographer to capture wide shots in any potential confined spaces. It will help the home to appear brighter and spacious.

What is a Real Estate Photographer and What Do They Do?

It’s true that not every photographer is a real estate photographer. Like every photographer, they will be someone who uses a professional camera and camera lens. They will also have a good eye and understanding of how to make the space look as wide as possible without distortion. Real estate photographers use their gear and skill to take great quality photographs of all kinds of properties (residential & commercial).

What HDR Photography and How Does it Work?

To start, HDR is an acronym that stands for: High Dynamic Range. Without getting too technical, Dynamic range is referring to the brightest and darkest tones in a captured photo. You can think of this as a measure of light intensity from highlights to the shadows. 

So how does this work and how does this help your real estate listing? Well, HDR photography is a specific technique that offers many benefits for real estate pictures in Toronto. This is because the HDR photography technique is different from regularly snapping a photo. Instead, HDR photography works by capturing and merging different exposures. The dynamic range that we mentioned earlier, comes together.

This means the real estate photographer will actually take 3-5 photos of the same angle. Each of those photos will have a different exposure or light intensity. The exposures will range from the brightest lighting to the darkest. For example, if you were to look at the raw images of your final edited photo – you would see a minimum of three photos. One photo would be bright white, another photo would be more neutral lighting, and the other would be almost completely dark. The photos with the different exposures will then be merged together to create a perfectly lit and detailed photo. The HDR method helps to keep photos sharp, crips and bright.

All of our photos are taken using this technique because it’s the popular choice for real estate photography in Toronto. Our superstar team is made up of professional and experienced real estate photographers who are well trained in the HDR method.

What Are the Benefits of HDR Photography?

HDR Photography is the most commonly used photography method for Toronto real estate photography.

This is likely because for real estate pictures specifically, using HDR comes with a lot of benefits!

To highlight a few:

1) Your real estate pictures will appear in the best lighting.
Since we are merging multiple exposures together, this allows the final output image to optimise with the best lighting.

This means that you can rest easy with HDR photography, knowing your photos will always come out at its best lighting conditions. You no longer have to worry if you booked a photo shoot and the weather turned out to be bad because we can actually take photos on a gloomy day and the interiors will still turn out fine and bright (PS. We also do free blue sky replacements wink )

2) The real estate photographer will capture great and well exposed windows.
A “blown out” window is when the window is so overexposed (very bright) that it loses detail and looks like a very white bright light. You cannot see through the window and if it’s really bad, you cannot see the window itself! Just a blaze of light.

No one wants to have an overexposed window that lacks detail, especially if there is a nice view or greenery that can be seen through the window. Blown out windows are a big “no-no” in real estate photography and can make the photos look unprofessional. HDR photography is the solution to avoiding the overexposed window look. As long as the technique is applied properly and the photos are taken correctly – HDR allows the real estate photographer to still maintain the details outside the window. 

3) HDR is better at replicating the way we look at things with our human eyes.

This means that using HDR helps the real estate photographer to secure image detail for important elements such as decor furnishings, light fixtures, and furniture. Another big “no-no” are blown out light fixtures. It’s incredibly important for your real estate photos to retain as much detail as possible.

As you can see, HDR is the best way to realistically showcase your listing in the best light! It’s no wonder that the majority of Toronto real estate photography uses it.

How We Do Real Estate Photography & What Makes Our Photographers Different

At Odyssey3D, we refer to our photography team as “Superstars’.  They are the ones out there in the spotlight representing the Odyssey3D brand and delivering exceptional results to our clients and their sellers.

Our superstars are so much more than just Toronto real estate photographers. They all have extensive photography experience, attention to detail and wonderful customer service. We pick our photographers out of hundreds of applications to get you the best talent in Toronto. Majority of our superstars are also talented 3D operators, drone operators and even videographers.

They’re the real reason behind why you’re listing looks as great as it does!

What is the Value of Professional Real Estate Photography?

In today’s market, having professional real estate photography is the difference between having a listing that sells and having a listing that sits. Given where our market is right now, houses aren’t selling as quickly as they used to and this means as a realtor, you should be doing more to ensure the house gets as much attraction as possible. Professional real estate photography should always be the bare minimum first step to helping your listing stand out and sell. On top of that, professional real estate photography will give your listing a certain appeal that could contribute to the property selling over-asking!

3 Things That Makes a Good Real Estate Photographer

We only hire the best at Odyssey3D because we know how important it is to get incredible real estate pictures for your listing in Toronto. All of our real estate photographers will provide you with:

1) Attention to Detail
Our real estate photographers will go above and beyond to make sure all of the important details are captured and highlighted for your listing. Attention to detail doesn’t just mean capturing the right angles – it’s also helping you to make sure the property is photo ready. So this means noticing that the pillows need to be adjusted or that dining room chairs are not organised symmetrical and arranging them.

2) Customer Service
Selling a home can be incredibly stressful and no one should have to deal with the added stress of having a rude real estate photographer! Our real estate photographers show up to every listing with compassion for the seller and for you – our client. They will greet you and maintain a friendly demeanour throughout the whole shoot. You will also appreciate how helpful they are on site!

3) Understanding of the Real Estate Market
This is another point that separates a real estate photographer from a regular photographer. Without the understanding or experience, the photographer wouldn’t know what works best in the current market. It’s though understanding the real estate market that they will know which angles are ideal and what works best for certain homes.

What Areas Do You Service?

We actually work all over the GTA and have photographers in some surrounding areas too!

In addition to Toronto and the GTA, here’s the list of surrounding areas in our “no distance fee zone”:
– Hamilton
– Cambridge
– Guelph
– Kitchener
– Waterloo
– Oshawa
– Bowmanville
– Clarington
– Newcastle
– Uxbridge
–  Port Perry

The other benefit about having local photographers in all of these areas is that when we do have to travel outside of them, the distance fees are exponentially lower!

Why Choose Us For Real Estate Photography

We’re on a mission to digitally enable every realtor so that they can achieve incredible results for their business. We’re a team of young professionals who believe in good quality. We have over 10 real estate photographers who were extensively trained by our own CEO. Did you know that our CEO is a very talented photographer himself? 🙂

Our team of Superstar real estate photographers are located all over the GTA and we’ve even expanded to Kitchener/Waterloo. We can go all the way up to Barrie, all the way down to Waterloo, all the way east to Clarington and of course all over Toronto to capture stunning real estate pictures for your listing!

Rest assured that if you work with us, you will get high quality images that bring results. And if by chance, you don’t have the most exceptional experience – let us know and we will do everything possible to make it right. We are all human, so sometimes we can make mistakes and have our not-so-good days, but our ultimate goal is to make you, our client, happy.