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Our Superstar Photographers



At Odyssey3D, we prioritize people above all else. And the most important members of our team are our front-line staff! Without them, we would not exist as a company and we would therefore not be able to work together!

We pick our photographers out of hundreds of applications to get you the best talent in Toronto. They all have extensive photography experience, attention to detail and wonderful customer service.

And since they are out there in the spotlight representing the Odyssey3D brand and delivering exceptional results – we call them Superstars. They also receive stars if they get positive feedback from you, so please share with us if you had an exceptional experience with them.

If you didn’t have the most exceptional experience – let us know and we will do everything possible to make it right. We are all human, so sometimes we can make mistakes and have our not-so-good days, but our ultimate goal is to make you, our client, happy.


3D & HDR Photographer

Animal Rights Activist. Cat Person. Traveller. Volleyball Player. Sweetheart. 

Milan was one of the first superstars to join Odyssey3D and she holds a special place in our hearts. Milan has really high attention to detail and a creative eye so she may spend a little extra time than you’re used to while shooting your property but that’s simply because she will get you the best angles and phenomenal customer service.


3D & HDR Photographer, Videographer

Nomad. Creator. Awesome. Freelancer.

Dan’s an outdoorsy man who’s passionate about three things; photography, colours, and movement. He’s our go to guy for video and he’s known for his sexy cinematic video walkthroughs. When he’s not working with Odyssey3D, you can probably find him doing something awesome!


3D & HDR Photographer

Avid Tennis player. Professional scuba diver. Hustler. Retired Chef de Cuisine.

A straight up hustler. Barry’s passion for photography has given him 14 years of professional experience specializing in interiors, sports and underwater photography. Barry is the most kind-hearted man and will do anything possible to make you happy. His experience and expertise will get you the best photos for your properties.


3D & HDR Photographer

Technically adequate. Family Man. Energetic. Happy.

Straight from China with a background in technology. However, like most people Fenton’s hobby soon became a passion and he would consider himself “to be the best photographer of his family.” Fenton’s high energy radiates nothing but good vibes and can wake you up better than your morning coffee! He brings laughter wherever he goes.


Aerial Drone Photographer and Videographer

Joel is also a self-proclaimed coffee connoisseur and he is a part of our drone team. Joel has been flying drones since January of 2016, with countless hours of experience. When he’s not flying over properties, he enjoys travelling with his girlfriend, a round of golf with the boys, and a cold brew on a patio.


Aerial Drone Photographer and Videographer

Jonathan is originally from Sag Harbour, New York where he visits frequently. He works alongside Joel and makes up the rest of our drone team. He’s the kind of guy that understands how drones work, inside and out, whilst learning of advancements in drone technology before most others do.


3D & HDR Photographer, Editor

Traveller. Architect. Odyssey3D Magician.

Misho is a passionate photographer with two decades of experience and a degree in photography from Ryerson University. He specializes in real estate photography, and HDR Post processing. Misho is actually one of our magicians who will edit your property photos till they sparkle. He will turn any grey sky into a blue one!


3D & HDR Photographer

Hiker. Traveller. Musician.

Nelson  is an adventurous and self-taught photographer/graphic designer out of Toronto Canada. He has fed his passion for design and photography over the last 8 years. When there isn’t a camera in his hands, you can find him strumming his guitar!



3D & HDR Photographer, Videographer, Editor

Father. Cat and dog person. Producer.

Creative Professional with an extensive background and a proud father of two. He loves his cat and dog very much. With over 30 years of photography experience in various photography fields, Ron can certainly make sure we deliver the best photos for your listing.

Nikan & Kian Balaghi

3D & HDR Photographer, Videographer

The ultimate brotherhood duo, Nikan & Kian do everything together, making them one of the most efficient teams on site. They are very experienced in all modern photography and video techniques. They have a keen eye for lighting, angles, flow and ways to make your property standout among the rest, showing its fullest potential.



3D & HDR Photographer, Videographer

Chris’s photo assignments have taken him to locations deep below the earth, under water, in the air, and even below the bed rock of lake Ontario.  With decades of experience shooting video, stills, and 360 tours, the one thing he definitely hasn’t shot is your home, yet!.


Photographer / Videographer

I’m naturally creative and enjoy the arts. This is where my interest in photography starts. I have a history in animation and visual FX, but after nearly 3 decades I thought to myself, “what’s next?”. Now my focus has shifted to something new, which is how I came to roll with the Odyssey crew.


Alcandor Lui

Videographer / Photographer

Hi I’m Alcandor. Along the way I went through lots of schooling where I learned about important thing about my life and passions. Then I ended up where I am now – shooting videos and taking photos. I hope to continue that journey for the foreseeable future.

Gil Zeharia

Moonlight snapper

There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept.


Anas Alkharbootly

Photographer & Filmmaker

Photography and videography are my passions and I am loving it! I have been doing it for 20 years and I am so happy with it. This world is full of beautiful moments to be captured and that was my initial goal!

Eris Nako

3D & HDR Photographer, Videographer, Certified Drone Operator

I love capturing emotions and create timeless photographs and videos. Through them we can go back and see things sometimes we forget and appreciate how beautiful our journey is.