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Leadership Team


Yauheni Baldziusau

Founder & CEO


At Odyssey3D, Yauheni is responsible for pretty much everything, from fixing a broken tripod to managing a complex national scale commercial shoots to making sure that everything from booking a shoot to getting your photos is running smoothly. He set up all the systems and functions in place, so that the team can work remotely any time of the year and still deliver amazing results for our clients. He has been hiring and training all the amazing Odyssey3D Superstars (Photographers, 3D Operators, Videographers, Editors), since he was the first photographer and editor at Odyssey3D. You can still see him at shoots when extra hand is needed or hear him on the phone when a complex client issue needs to be resolved. Yauheni’s ultimate goal is to make sure that Odyssey3D is the best place to work for and work with.

On a personal note, he came to Canada in 2010 from Belarus. Finished a bachelor of commerce while travelling to over 20 countries and has done everything from solo parachute jumping to getting his scuba-diving license with Manta Rays in Hawaii. He is a huge sports, adventure & travel enthusiast. His day is always packed with activities as he seems to have unlimited amounts of energy, so catching him being idle is almost impossible, unless he is reading one of the multiple books on his bed-stand.

Christiana Machado

Creative Success Coordinator


A Communications Media graduate with an extensive background in digital, and television media. I’ve had the opportunity to participate and train in various aspects of live television, film and music video productions through technical roles such as production assistant, camera operator, production switcher, assistant producer and assistant editor.

I am passionate about multimedia storytelling and the creative process. I love taking a simple idea, and turning it into a tangible final product. I enjoy breathing life into an idea. I’m at my best when I connect, collaborate, and socialize with other makers, thinkers, and doers.

As a lifelong learner, I am eager to grow in all aspects of the media industry and to work in an industry that is as fast paced – which is exactly why I pursued a position with Odyssey3D.

As Internal Success Coordinator, it’s my job to provide our clients with exceptional customer support and assist the management team with any important tasks. Words hold an exceptional amount of power, and through my role here I enjoy watching the impact they make.

Alicja Gołębiewska

Client Success Coordinator


Alicja graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Recreation and Tourism and worked in Europe in hotels, travel agencies, and transport companies.  


As a Client Success Coordinator, Alicja always makes sure to provide the most personalized customer service to our clients. Years of experience in the field made her an observant listener who constantly puts others first. She is always eager to learn and try new things. Her position at Odyssey3D allows her to use her skills and expertise while growing in one of the fastest developing industries in the country. 


Alicja came to Canada from Poland on holiday and fell in love with the multicultural vibe to the point that she decided to pursue a career in the maple leaf country. In her life, she moved over 20 times and is always up to new challenges and places. Plant-based empath, an advocate for mental health, avid hiker, traveler, and explorer. 

Richelle Leonard

Tech Ninja


Richelle hails from the wild mountains of the Pacific Northwest. She lives near Vancouver, BC and embraces the outdoor lifestyle whole heartedly. She has too many passions to list, but you can bet that if it involves a board, a harness, a wetsuit, or hiking boots, then she loves to do it. When she’s not working, you can usually find her hiking with her dog on one of the many trails near her house.

Richelle has a background in science and engineering from York University. After leaving university, she became heavily involved in animal rescue, which has given her experience in  handling internal and external communications, team coordination, IT requirements, and advertising. She is passionate about animals and rescue, and even has her own rescue dog, Tycho.

Richelle’s official role at Odyssey3D is Growth Backer, but her job is basically to fill in the gaps. She hasn’t found her niche yet, so she’s exploring all the aspects of the company and helping out whenever someone needs a hand.

Noreen Viardo

Support Guru


Building and enriching client-customer relationship is Noreen’s 9-5 but when she’s not in deep work, you’ll find her immersed in music and movies. She’s an advocate for finding loving homes for abandoned kids and could always count on her to have travel adventures for food.

Kristine Roberston

Admin Support


I am a daughter, mother, friend, coffee fiend, self-proclaimed chef, freelance writer and dozens of other things besides.

I believe that the only way to do great work is to love what you do. I started my career journey as a molecular biologist. Then, later on, I discovered my passion for service. I’ve been in the customer service industry for 14 years and I take great pride in my work. I don’t easily get demotivated. I treat everything negative as an opportunity for me to rise. I am happy to be a part of this Team. 




Jimmy Chan

Co-Founder, Board Member


Jimmy’s vision for Odyssey3D began from a trip to Israel to study technology entrepreneurship. Since graduating from the Schulich School of Business, he was the winner of Schulich’s 2016 Start-Up Day and has since brought his project to the market to launch the award-winning real estate startup Odyssey3D.

At Odyssey3D, Jimmy was the optimizer. He spent time ensuring that each employee at the company is reaching their fullest potential, employing frameworks to maximize workplace productivity, discussing strategic decisions, managing high-stake relationships, and above all: working with realtors to ensure they are becoming more “Digitally Enabled” and growing their business.

Outside of work, Jimmy is an avid reader who enjoys topics on lifestyle optimization, biohacking, ancient philosophies, business strategies, biographies, history, and (recently) medieval fantasy. Beyond being a “closet introvert”, he is also an intermediate salsa dancer, dog owner, and African drum enthusiast.

Kaushik Satish

Co-Founder, Board Member


As a real estate guru at Odyssey3D, Kaushik uses his energy, passion and skills to help grow the company to the new heights. Kaushik also lead product initiatives to drive the most value for our realtor clients by constantly finding innovative ways to solve some of their biggest challenges. 

Kaushik is an alumni of the Schulich School of Business, where he specialized in Strategy and Entrepreneurship. Upon graduation, Kaushik began at Pepsico Beverages as a Sales Associate within their sales leadership program. During his time at Pepsico, Kaushik came to a realization that the corporate path was not for him so he made the bold decision to pursue his passion of entrepreneurship and made the switch to Odyssey3D.

Apart from being your typical “social butterfly”, Kaushik is also an avid tennis and golf player, recreational cyclist, travel enthusiast and recently picked up playing the guitar.


Socrates (Sokkie),

Troublemaker, Chief Fluffy Officer (CFO)

Born in Cambridge, ON, Sokkie left his hometown soon after his birth to join the Odyssey3D team in Toronto, ON. Sokkie has 6 months of experience chasing butterflies and rolling on grass (and sometimes dead fish), bringing tremendous value to the company with his derpiness.

His other core skill sets include chewing headset and laptop chargers, digging holes on couches and eating through a wall – impressive, right? Being an American Eskimo, Sokkie lives for road trips, outdoor adventures and he quickly fits in with the Odyssey3D team culture.  Other than moments when Sokkie truly being his naughty and curious self, he is the cutest, most cuddly CFO on earth.