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Whether you’re someone new who landed on this page or an existing follower who loves our blogs – it’s time to get to know our CEO! 

Yauheni Baldziusau is the co-founder and CEO of Odyssey3D and he sat down with Made in CA to explore his passions, his reasons for Odyssey3D and the company’s future plans. Below we’ve pulled some snippets to highlight from the interview. You can read the full article here.

Q. Tell us about yourself?

“I came to Canada in 2010, young, full of hope and indecision about what to do with my future. I completed a bachelor of commerce while always being involved in entrepreneurship. I traveled through over 20 countries and worked a bunch of part-time jobs until life led me to co-found Odyssey3D, which aligned with my true passion for photography and videography.

Although my education has prepared me for the world of business, I would consider myself a creative first. This is why, as CEO, you will still find me on-site, doing actual photography, videography, or completing the 3D Virtual tours. It’s because I love to be a part of the process.

I knew that whatever I found myself doing in my career, I would create work that added value to society.

Since I started on my entrepreneurial journey, all I wanted was to create the best possible company to work for and with, while also inspiring the employees to be the best versions of themselves. It’s important for me to make a difference. I believe that Odyssey3D is on the right track to doing that. Odyssey3D allows me to help other small businesses get noticed and to provide accessible solutions to consumers everywhere.

Q. What problem does your business solve?

“We are currently on a mission to help Toronto’s education, art, and culture spaces to be accessible to any Canadian despite the distance or financial means or movement limitations.

We want to bring every Canadian University or College campus into the virtual world so that potential students that can not be there in person for the open house date can still make the right decision for themselves by being able to view the campus virtually.

With art, culture, and heritage spaces, we recognize that, unfortunately, not everyone has the opportunity to visit them, whether it’s due to financial circumstances, distance, or certain disabilities. With our solution, we can make it accessible to everyone and, most importantly, save the legacy of any space forever in the virtual reality, which is especially important for temporary exhibitions.

We provide a full range of services aimed to help residential realtors and sellers portray the homes in creative and innovative ways. This helps residential homes sell quicker and for the highest price.” 

Q. What is the plan for the next 5 years? What do you want to achieve?

We have three goals that we are strongly focused on for the next five years.

  1. We hope to go national! Currently, we cover a wide range of locations across the GTA and surrounding areas, but we’ve made it our goal to be all over Canada. We’ve already worked on a handful of national projects with big brands. We’re looking forward to acquiring more superstar photographers, videographers, and 3D operators who can make this goal happen.


  2. We want to bring every Canadian University or College campus into the virtual world so that they are accessible to every potential student. We know how important the open house is for every student, and that’s why we strongly believe in creating an accessible option that allows any prospective student to attend.


  3. To be well known in the Arts and Culture world. We recently worked with a local artist, Briony, to make her exhibit 3D and received a lot of good feedback from her fans who couldn’t see the exhibit in person. It was inspiring to be a part of this, and we hope to do more of it!

If you want to know even more about Odyssey3D and our CEO, click here for the full article. Made in CA is an online magazine showcasing innovative and exceptional local businesses in Canada to fellow Canadians. We’re so incredibly grateful and proud to be featured!