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Did the restrictions rub you the wrong way? Are you tired of being grounded for too long and looking for a refreshing digital nomad experience? In Odyssey3D we value flexibility. Last year, we were able to work from Ontario, British Columbia, the Maritimes, Mexican beaches and its largest metropolis, Portugal, Azores and Denmark (and that’s not the end of the list!) – both as a company and individuals. We’ve prepared a list of 6 international cities should you choose to break loose and work from abroad for some time. We based it on our own experience, our digital nomad friends’ recommendations and a little bit of research. Ready?

Here’s a list of cities to work remotely from (in no particular order!)


Mérida, Yucatán Peninsula, Mexico

Among all places to work remotely from, the White City is a shiny diamond in the rough. Main benefits of working from Merida? Weather, architecture and a decent digital nomad infrastructure. Due to the one hour time difference,  you can start and finish work earlier than in Toronto. It means more time for exploring this beautiful city! Besides, multiple rankings named Merida the safest and the cleanest city in Mexico. 

Northern part of La Ciudad Blanca is definitely a place to live and hang around if you’re a digital nomad. It has a few co-working spaces (check out the Avanti Mérida Altabrisa Magnia Corporate Center) and you will find several shopping malls, gyms and movie theatres. If you prefer to immerse yourself in colonial air, opt for café hopping in Centro Historico. The Internet in Merida is decent, if not good, hence, there should be no problems with connection. Moreover, Meridian cafes’ staff won’t mind you spending hours inside working on your laptop. Welcome to Mexican hospitality!

After hours of work what better way to unwind than strolling through Insta-worthy streets and admiring colonial architecture? You can also catch an Uber ride to a charming seafront town Progresso. Enjoy a walk through the Malecón, a super long oceanfront promenade or indulge in the rich street food offer. Churros at the Gulf of Mexico shore are a must!

Kraków, Poland

In 2021, this beautiful, historic capital of Poland was named number one European city for digital nomads by portal expatriateconsultancy.com. Additionally,  Kraków has ranked as the best of 130 destination for remote work according to portal travel website Ovonetwork.

The city topped in the average cost of renting co-working spaces, transportation tickets, gym memberships and internet speed. Low business maintenance costs and knowledge of English were also criteria that excelled Krakow to the top of the list. See? It’s business friendly, safe and decently priced!

After you close your laptop, surprises await. Old capital of Poland is known for its Jewish, German, Austrian, Czech and Balkan influences. The Poles owe this diversity to the history of the region. Krakow, located at the intersection of trade routes, hosted merchants offering spices and delicacies from Europe and the Middle East for centuries. Make sure you’ll visit famous Sukiennice stalls for a shopping frenzy. For winter sport fans, tallest Polish mountain range (8711 ft) – snowy peeked Tatry, is only 70 miles away! Oh, and we almost forgot about Kraków’s nightlife … Check out the Shine Club yourself.

Boulder, Colorado, USA

Let’s move just a little bit south of our border. We couldn’t skip the city that made the 2021 Forbes list of 7 Best Cities For Remote Workers in USA. Boulder sits 5000 feet above the sea level and simply, it’s charming. It’s small enough for a cozy town at the foot of the mighty Rocky Mountains, and large enough to provide entertainment after work. 

Rest assured you will find plenty of cafes to work from, and possibly some new friends. If you need strictly work-dedicated space to polish this last part of your project, there’s a variety of co-working spaces to choose from. Fun fact, FlexJobs, a leader in career search tools for remote jobs is also based in Boulder! You couldn’t be in a better place.

Now, when you’re done with your online hustle, imagine walking home with the high-reaching Rocky Mountains on the horizon. Fancy to meet a bear? Be careful, it might happen! Boulder, above all, is a paradise for winter sports aficionados. The city also has a major hippy/artsy vibe. Denver, Colorado’s capital is only a 40 mins drive away. Make sure you visit this fun Mile High City as well.


Mexico City, Mexico

Cities to Work Remotely From

This bustling with life metropolis is perfect for those who work hard, and play hard! The streets of Mexico City smell of freshly baked cinnamon buns, passengers perfumes, sewage, exhaust and smog, late night street food tacos and, well, salsa. We guarantee first hand that you’ll be captivated. In addition, for a longer stay, you can rent really beautiful houses or apartments for relatively little money. 

We recommend finding a place in neighbourhoods like Roma or Condesa. They’re full of culture, but above all, you’ll find plenty of co-working spaces and cafes to work from. You can start your day in one of the cafes on Paseo de Reforma and work through the morning. Time for lunch? Grab your laptop and take advantage of the rich street food offer. Don’t forget to spend a few pesos on a cup of fresh fruits for dessert. 

Finished early? Rent a local guide to take you for a hike at the foot of one of the volcanoes surrounding the city. Alternatively, head to the Centro Histórico and Plaza Zocalo to admire massive colonial buildings. When the sun sets, we promise you won’t be able to refuse salsa night in the Roma Norte, right at your doorsteps. Automotive aficionados can’t skip the F1 Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez racing track. Check out this impressive McLaren Salon in Mexico City captured by Matterport in 3D. Can you imagine how it feels to drive among the world racing elite?

Dubai, UAE

Surprised? Until recently, you could only reside in UAE as long as you had a job inside the country. Last year, however, the Trucial States introduced a new remote work policy. It allows digital nomads to continue working for their current employer for up to one year from the UAE territory.

The UAE has the fastest broadband speed and connectivity in the Middle East region. A visa issued by local authorities allows digital nomads to use the services of Emirati banks, and enroll children in schools. Its holders will not be obliged to pay income tax! However, you have to earn at least $5,000 USD a month. But, if you do, and you’re up to the adventure, we totally recommend tasting this splendorous, luxurious and full of dark secrets land.

In Dubai, everything is the tallest, largest, newest and most splendorous. Guinness record breaking architecture will keep you in awe every day. The city will take your breath away with its tech innovation and, well… climate. Be ready for an excruciating heat from May to September. Fancy an up-scale dinner? Check out Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen in the heart of Dubai Bluewaters Island captured by Matterport in 3D. For those seeking authenticity, desert tours and the “old town” Deira with impressive spice, perfume and gold souks await.

Barcelona, Spain

Cities to Work Remotely From

If you haven’t heard about teletrabajo yet, now’s the time. Barcelona has been digital nomads’ favourite for years, and the post-COVID era solidified its position. Up until now, the workation was a possibility mainly for European passport holders. However, Spain has introduced a new, tempting, “teletrabajo” policy. As a result, employees from Non-European Economic Area (EEA), including Canadians, can work remotely from the motherland of Blaugrana!

Why Barcelona? Firstly, it ranks second in terms of the amount of co-working spaces in Europe. Secondly, the city’s internet speed is impressive considering a population of over 5 million people. Moreover, great inter-city connections, inside the country, as well as with other major European cities makes it the perfect hub for both business-related and personal travels.

The unique Gaudi’s architecture keeps Barcelona in the top ten of the most “instagrammable” cities in Europe. Oh, come on! If you work remotely, why wouldn’t you post it on social media? We’re all for it! Gaudi’s impressive buildings, such as the Sagrada Familia and Park Guell, are must-see places. If you want to imagine your future Barcelonian unit, check out this cute apartment. People are friendly, weather is amazing, Paella is always fresh – what else can a digital nomad want?

And that’s a wrap!

We hope you enjoyed reading, and maybe even felt the warderlust itch. Stay tuned for even more remote work recommendations. As one song says, “Life’s too short to stay where we are”. Ciao!


Cities to Work Remotely From