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To O3D stakeholders:

Odyssey3D has passed many milestones in 2018: by year-end, we have nearly tripled our revenue from last year, maintained a perfect customer satisfaction rating on Facebook and Google Reviews (30+ reviews), and been endorsed by one of the highest producing RE/MAX brokerages in the GTA.

Congratulations and thank you to the various O3D Superstars who come to work everyday with unrelenting customer obsession, integrity, and commitment to providing exceptional service. On behalf of Odyssey3D, I also want to extend a huge thank you to our clients – without you, we would not be here today!

One thing that I love about our clients is that they are never fully content. Their expectations are not static – they grow as we satisfy each level of their needs. This is human nature. That is what makes a Top Producing Realtor successful – their appetite for more. We are in an industry where yesterday’s “wow” quickly become today’s “ordinary”. In the real estate industry, we serve the best, and therefore we have to be the best. There is no compromise about it, it’s either do or die. And this is what I love the most about my work.

Having met with 100+ top producing clients, incredibly successful partner companies, and legendary mentors this year, we reflect on what we have learnt to apply back to our own business:

We learnt the importance of integrity: The most respectable professionals have a certain aura around them. They deliver what they promise and can be trusted to keep their word. This is a reputation that we build and permeate every day. We know that trust is hard to gain and easy to lose, and it is the one value that we live by daily.

We learnt the importance of kindness: Generosity, compassion, and empathy are all traits that we admire about our most fulfilled clients. They are happy, not because they are successful, but because they care and have a deep yearning to add value. We remind ourselves daily to conduct business with integrity and to assume good intentions towards others.

We learnt to seek win-win: The most successful professionals establish relationships where both parties win. They want to maximize their ROI while also establishing a mutually beneficial relationship that is sustainable. We take this lesson back to when we negotiate internally or with vendors. We know that in order to establish a truly sustainable business, every stakeholder has to experience a win-win scenario.

We learnt that the key to success is focus and perseverance: There is no such thing as an overnight success. Most “success” cases are individuals who have dedicated years to a single pursuit and have sacrificed along the way. When evaluating our version of success, we need to commit to the goal and be ready to stomach the sacrifice that it takes to get there.

Overall, we are blessed with an amazing opportunity to enjoy this entrepreneurial journey at such a young age. Odyssey3D was a product of our desire to experience a “real world MBA” because we felt that traditional education just didn’t do it for us. We have grown daily in this context. We have become better leaders, teammates, managers, salespersons, accountants, negotiators, and friends. It is such a privilege to do what we do; we are truly fortunate to have your support and we are excited for the new year to come!

Let’s win BIG in 2019

We have great things planned in 2019, from launching new products that we have been testing for the past six months, to scaling across the GTA. We aim to embrace our entrepreneurial spirit, continue our commitment to customer success, and reach for the stars. This is just the beginning of our odyssey, and I look forward to sharing our journey with you.


Yours truly,

Jimmy Chan

Managing Director and Cofounder

Odyssey3D Inc.