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During the past two years, long-term care homes and seniors’ homes (assisted living facilities) have faced increased challenges. Drastic changes had to be implemented to ensure the safety and well-being of the residents and their close ones. This had a long-lasting impact on the financial status of the retirement homes. The vast majority of them had to introduce heightened Infection Prevention and Control procedures. Over 86% of the facilities reported staff-related challenges, such as employees not showing up for work, staffing shortages, not enough amount of protective equipment, etc. Personnel reported being severely overworked and the rate of mental health problems amongst employees has been raised significantly. Even though the pandemic is coming to end, the retirement facilities still feel the echoes of the 2 years-long impasse.

If you are trying to pull your facility out of the crisis, and draw the attention of investors, all while building trust with residents and their families, look no more. Odyssey3D help you do it with a 3D Virtual Tour.

In the industry of retirement homes, there is no value more important than credibility and trust. Seniors are looking for a safe place and friendly staff. Families want to make sure their closest ones are in a well-equipped environment under professional care.  A good product is not enough and it will disappear in the thicket of louder competition. Now you have to reach clients and business partners with the message of your brand. It’s best to literally show them your facility. For this reason, 3D Virtual Tours for senior homes are the most effective way of advertising. By showing your retirement home, you gain what is priceless above all: time and trust Why? Because a client who “visited” the facility online is be more likely to feel personally connected to the place. That is our goal – to make residents feel safe, taken care of, and yes, entertained!

Today, seniors and their families are interested in what values ​​a Retirement Home can provide. They want to know who the employees are and what the home is associated with. There is no easier way to effectively advertise such realities than to show your business “behind the scenes”. Imagine a senior or their loved ones searching online for their future home and struggling with the thought of leaving their current place. Now imagine them seeing a cozy board game room, virtually walking through the dining area, or even entering the hair salon. However difficult the transition to a retirement home can be, Odyssey3D helps to make it easier for future residents and their families.

3D Walks-Throughs for Retirement Homes Provide:


10. Greater credibility and transparency

Imagine your potential residents searching online for their future homes. Wouldn’t it make their lives easier if they could see the entire facility, its amenities, and the overall feel of the place? This would also result in more visits at your retirement facility.

9. The trust of seniors and their loved ones

There are no surprises about what the residents see online and what they will experience in real life. They can find trust and comfort in knowing that what they see in the 3D Virtual Tour is exactly what they’ll get.


8. Easier transition from their previous home to a new one

Captured by Odyssey3D

The decision to transition from a family home to a retirement facility is already difficult on its own. Showing prospective residents the entire space in detail before they even visit, helps them get familiarized with the building and proves that the new home can be a safe and entertaining place to live. 


7. Stronger influence on clients’ perception

Studies have shown that viewers engagement increases by over 300% when going through 3D Virtual Tour versus only the regular photos.


6. Safety of online visits in a time of global health crisis

The pandemic might be at its last straw, but the safety measures remain in place. By letting seniors and their families visit the facility online, you let them explore their options without risking their health, from the comfort of their own home.


5. Saved time

With 3D Virtual Tours, you present your premises faster and better. The clients check what interests them most, and without a word, you show the atmosphere and uniqueness of your place.


4. 27/7 Online exposure

Matterport models are accessible online 24/7 so you never have to worry about a lack of quality marketing content on your website. Just embed the 3D Virtual Tour on your website and let it do the work.


3. One-time cost

Unlike SEO or Social Media Marketing, capturing a 3D Virtual Tour is a one-time cost that will last as long as you want to have it on your website. Depending on your needs, Matterport can host it for a small fee for few months, a few years, or indefinitely.


2. Highlight unique property features via Mattertags

Thanks to Mattertags, you can describe any feature of the facility via embed links.


1. A way to advertise that keeps you standing out online

As much as 3D Virtual tours are gaining popularity in long-term facilities, not every establishment is there yet. By utilizing this new, cutting-edge technology, you stay ahead of the others. The facilities that have been captured in 3D stand out from their competitors and are remembered. 3D Virtual Tour provided additional content for the website – a way of advertising which not every company is utilizing yet.

The models created by our experienced team for Oxford Living, Revera, and Comfort of Living received hundreds of unique online visitors, despite the strict COVID-19 restrictions. Now the 3D virtual tours are helping them show the facilities to potential residents and their families while keeping everyone safe. You can view Lundy Manor (Photos & 3D Virtual Tour) to experience it first-hand. All our virtual tours are accessible online on mobile and desktop 24/7.