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3D Virtual Staging

Utilize 3D technology to virtually enhance your property.
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Some like to refer to 3D Virtual Staging as “state-of-the-art technology” but at Odyssey3D, we like to call it magic.

It’s a solution that can be utilized regardless of the condition of the listing! You can take any space: a vacant one; a cluttered one; an outdated one; an unfinished one; and turn it into whatever you need it to be.

You are guaranteed to be blown away by the final result!

Walk through this 3D Matterport tour below – can you tell where we used our magic and virtually placed furniture? 😉 


Here’s a real life example to demonstrate how effective this service is.

The appliances for this model home were delayed.  As a result, our client used the 3D Virtual Staging to prevent them from any further delays.

Our editors worked their magic and virtually added appliances to the kitchen and light fixtures too. Thanks to our magic service, the client didn’t need to delay their marketing campaign and everything could proceed as planned!



Some answers to the questions you might have. However, you can reach out to us directly if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for.

We can be reached at 416-884-2167.

What is 3D Virtual Staging?

3D Virtual Staging is the process were we take your 3D model and use special technology to add  furniture, decor, and appliances.

Some scenarious where this service can be useful are:

  • Vacant properties that aren’t staged
  • Properties undergoing renovations
  • Properties with missing appliances

You can use virtual staging to save time if you’re in a pickle since it is much less time consuming when compared to regular and traditional staging.

Why Do You Need 3D Virtual Staging?

You need staging for your Toronto listing if you want to stand out and succeed in today’s market. Traditionally physical staging would work fine but we’re noticing more clients opting for virtual staging because it requires less work from the realtor, doesn’t disrupt the sellers life, and saves a lot of time.

Listings with any kind of staging, whether it’s photo virtual staging, traditional staging or 3D Virtual staging, will get noticed by qualified buyers. So if you’re looking to reach a broader and qualified audience, you might want to consider one of the three staging options mentioned.

It’s also a great options for leases. You can re-use te 3D Virtual Tour that are virually staged without having to worry about coordinating with tenants again.

How does 3D Staging Benefit a Rental Property?

It’s a great option for rental properties and leases in Toronto because it’s a one time investment that will continue to serve you for all the years to come.

It’s hard enough dealing with tenants but also having to coordinate a time to for pictures, the 3d scan, and scheduling showings can be even more difficult. With a 3D Virtual Tour and 3D Virtual Staging, you’ll make the experience of dealing with tenant so much easier. All you have to do is invest and find the time for a 3D scan once. Once the 3D scan is complete and we have created a 3D virtual tour, we can then add the virtual staging. Now, you are left with a powerhouse of a marketing tool that you can use over and over again.

The next time you need to list this rental property, you won’t need to work around the tenants schedule or rely on them to clean up. Instead, you can take tour ultra realistic 3D Virtual Tour that was virtually staged and use that to attract new leads. Saving you a lot of time and a lot of head ache!